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Top-notch design services that reflect our clients’ needs – this what Sandy Hill Construction delivers. We are accomplished listeners and are adept at translating your vision into reality.

And it’s no secret that we put our clients’ needs first. We’re a small company, and that’s why we can develop close working relationships with our customers, understand all of their requirements, and work closely with each and every homeowner to bring their vision to life. Proven leadership, clear communication, positive experiences and solid relationships are what we are all about.


Sandy Hill Construction has the expertise and experience to address any and all of your structural building challenges.

For over 15 years, we’ve been restoring, rebuilding and modifying residential buildings of all ages and all types throughout Ottawa’s many neighbourhoods.

From repairing structural deficiencies to tackling engineering challenges, we offer unparalleled expertise in foundation repairs and replacements, as well as structural framing repairs and modifications.


To us, your home and our team should be a holistic system that works together to ensure a comfortable and efficient environment.

We believe there are four important green considerations to consider in the initial design process.

  • Increase both water and energy system efficiency.
  • Choose building materials that have a balanced impact on the environment.
  • Ensure clean indoor air.
  • Divert construction materials from the landfill wherever possible.


Our carefully chosen team of construction and renovation professionals go above and beyond to ensure we create what you envision.

Once your custom renovation design is on paper and the necessary approvals are obtained, we begin onsite construction. Our intent is to make the renovation process as smooth, seamless and efficient as possible – from inspiration to completion.

Our excellent time management skills will move your project forward without unnecessary delays.


Sandy Hill Construction respects the design, recreates the workmanship, and preserves the beauty of your heritage home.

Restoring heritage homes is our specialty. We have a deep understanding of the special techniques that were employed during the original construction process. By restoring both exterior and interior architectural details, while being mindful of modern design requirements and construction standards, we are committed to maintaining the unique architectural details of our city.

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